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In 2006 was born Dermogyn Emulgel to support FSAD (Female Sexual Arousal Disorder), a product which features have captured the market attention. Today, after seven years, Dermogyn Emulgel is available, with different brands, in: Scandinavia, Portugal, Germany, Greece, USA, India and Spain.

In 2014, will be also marketed in Italy.

Dermogyn Emulgel is developed as a result of marketing research that saw the FSAD as an unmet need by many patients and an unknown area by pharma companies, mainly focused on male erectile dysfunction.

FSAD is a condition of persistent inability to excitement or to maintain sexual arousal, which can cause discomfort and even pain during sexual intercourse. The rational formulation of a product for FSAD local treatment, could take advantage from the action of the active principles. Dermogyn team, in collaboration with INDENA, has selected some active principles of natural origin particularly used for treating FSAD.

This active principles had to guarantee:

  • Anti spastic and vaso dinamic properties (Visnadin)
  • Anti- inflammatory activity on smooth muscle of arterioles (Ximeninato di Etile)
  • Anti inflammatory and muscle relaxant (Extract of Coleus Barbatus)
  • Moistening and smoothing action (Dry extract of Panicum Miliaceum)

Clinical test conducted on 40 women have confirmed that the action exerted by Dermogyn Emulgel produced locally a significant hyperemia and increased firmness, both clinically and instrumental.It was also reported the appearance of a pleasant feeling of warmth and Wellbeing after the application of the product.

Similarly, the chronic test ( one month of treatment) showed significant improvements on the genital dryness and on the lubrification during intercourse,on genitals turgidness and, more generally, on the level of sexual satisfaction with the overall improvement of sexual life of the subjects examined.

Available in two formulations, with and without parabens, it has recently been evaluated through clinical trials, even in male sexual Dysfunction and, soon, will be present and available with this extension of use, a preview for the Italian market via web, with the brand Moresense. Moresense will be the forerunner of a series of original and exclusive opportunities, through the NeXtraSense Trademark, it aims to contribute to “give a better meaning to our lives”.

Therapeutical use:

  • Vaginal dryness
  • An aid of female sexual dysfunctions

Registered as:



  • Visnadin with antispasmodic and vasodilatory activity
  • Millet ectract with thropic and moistening activity
  • Extract of Coleus barbatus and muscle relaxant with anti-inflammatory activity.
  • Etil Ximeninato with antispasmodic activity on vascular tone

Formulations and dosages:

Emulgel tube 30 ml

Clinical trials support:


Countries where the product is marketed:

  • USA- 2 licences (web+GDO) – launch has been made
  • Germany – launch has been made
  • Spain – launch has been made
  • India – launch has been made
  • Portugal – launch has been made
  • Scandinavia – launch has been made
  • Greece – launch has been made
  • Brasil – launch has been made
  • Italy – in launch

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