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MORESENSE® is the new product offered in Nextrasense® portal, the unique “Sensual Restoring Gel”. MORESENSE® combines decades of experience of doctors and researchers with the natural properties of Visnadin, Coleus Barbatus, Acid Ximenynic and Panicum Miliaceum, active ingredients, that used in combination, can assure its originality, making it the best product on the market. MORESENSE® stems from the professionalism and experience of Dermogyn, company for years present in drugstores and on international market with its products. The extraordinary Visnadin qualities(contained in Moresense) of moisturizing, lubrificants and eutrophications on external genitals, are ideal for those who want to invigorate and inspire a new sensuality to their sexuality. Rigorous testing carried out by the Institute of Scientific Sexual Evolution (IES) and the Institute Derming confirm, thanks to the action of Visnadin, an increase of superficial microcirculation of the genital mucosa of 400% and over the glands 200% over the clitoris and the labia majora. In fact, MORESENSE® significantly, improves the sensitivity and responsiveness of the glans penis and clitoris, enhancing the quality of sexual life. MORESENSE® is particulary suitable as a support in situation of mucosa tropism, a problem primarily related to age. MORESENSE® is a real REVITALIZING TREATMENT needs hydration to the delicate mucous membranes of male and female genitals. After two weeks of treatment, the effects will be significantly visible and sensitive. It also possible to use “as needed” MORESENSE, but applied daily ( morning and evening) exerts its effects at best. MORESENSE is well tolerated and non-irritating, also does not interfere with condom use. MORESENSE is totally free of PARABENS. BUY IT NOW!

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