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At the beginning of the core activity of the company,( business related to the development of new, original products,) Dermogyn team has identified in sexual dysfunction area, a sector where the needs were worthy of attention as only partially satisfied.

Extensive preliminary studies have led, through a careful analysis of the active ingredients able to control symptomatology and to the “ green”philosophy of the company, to the development of DERMOGYN EMULGEL.

Dermogyn Emulgel

Substances such as Visnadin ( naturally substance extracted from the North African plant Ammi Visnaga) which, in synergy with other “green” substances, such as Coleus Barbatus, Acid Ximeminico and Panicum Miliaceum, is able to exert a vaso-dynamic action leading to:

  • Increase of local turgidity
  • An improvement in local sensitivity

These activities are particularly important because the problems reported by women affected by FSAD ( Female Sexual Arousal Disorder) are related to a lack of local vasodilation, reduced hydration, to inflammation and to smooth muscle contraction of the arterioles.

The effect is reflected very often in difficult and painful sexual intercourse, significant reduction of libido with inevitable psychological and emotional disorders.The female population suffering from FSAD, thanks to the activity of Dermogyn Emulgel, it can recover a normal and satisfying sexual life. The characteristics of Dermogyn Emulgel principles have led some sexologists to begin clinical trials on a sample of males with sexual dysfunction. The preliminary results of these studies lead to the conclusion that DERMOGYN EMULGEL exerts a positive activity also in the male population suffers from these problems. Thus was born, MORESENSE, the “Sensual restoring gel” for her and him.

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