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Dermogyn Atopic Cream


DERMOGYN ATOPIC CREAM is a soothing cream and restructuring of the epidermal lipid barrier. Clinical tests carried out with DERMOGYN ATOPIC CREAM showed soothing and restructuring activity of the formula.
Have been demonstrated through specific tests, the excellent tolerability and no adverse effects related to the use of the product. The cream has a PH between 6.0 adn 6.5 that will not alter the natural defense capabilities of the epidermal lipid barrier and is maintained constant by a buffer system.
DERMOGYN ATOPIC CREAM is suitable as a complement skin cosmetic, to restore the skin moisture in condition of dry skin, restoring elasticity and smoothness. The particular composition of the preparation, makes it able to exert its activity even in the presence of particularly high dryness and to the skin with reduced tolerability to common cosmetic treatments.

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Cream for atopic Dermatitis

Therapeutic area of use:

  • Atopic Dermatitis
  • Situations with dry skin
  • Reduced skin tolerance to common treatments

Registered as:


Target market:

  • Topical corticosteroids market
  • Topical specific Dermocosmetic market managed by a specialist dermatologist

Active components of the product:

  • Retrieved caper: Allergy activities
  • Extract of Opuntia Coccillifera: Anti – inflammatory activity
  • Ceramides: Bacteriostatic activity
  • Prunus Amygdalus Dulcis: Bacteriostatic activity
  • Allantoin: Emollient/Softener activity
  • Extract of olive leaves: Emollient and Softener activity

Formulations and dosages:

Tube cream 50 ml.

Clinical trials support:


Countries where the product is marketed:

In Italy using the brand Idriveral


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