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Dermogyn is the italian company that, with his experience, can offer products designed for women’s wellness, today used and appreciated by millions of people around the world. Dermogyn creams and revitalizing gel are the result of innovative formulas to meet every women requirement and finally regain:

  • Wellness
  • Brightness
  • Brightness and turgidity
  • Youth

The secret of the success of Dermogyn products is in their formula, able to act effectively where normal creams can not do it, giving an immediate and lasting result.
Dermogyn cream for the skin of neck and décolletè, uses the natural properties of horse chesnut bark, from which is extracted the proanthocyanidin,valuable for its effects:

  • Antioxidant
  • Antielastasi
  • Anticollagenasi

The Proanthocyanidin, combined with phosphatidylcholine, enacts an effect “ Reservoir” increasing biological activity, absoption and duration of Innovelle action. Innovelle presents an innovative formulation designed for better absorption of its active principle into the skin barrier. The skin barrier often traps the principles within it, decreasing the effect of normal skin products.
Dermogyn researchers have studied a lucky binomial, able to improve the absorption of the active principles and ensure greater effectiveness in its product. Dermogyn has also created a line of soothing creams to prevent skin problem such as irritation, dermatitis or excessive sebum formation.
Idriveral and Cotrolseb are the products for a complete renovation of the epidermal surface and they effectively control sebum production. Controlseb also has within its natural extract formulation the Argania spinosa, a plant very appreciated for its anti- inflammatory and antioxidant properties.
Numerous clinical tests conducted on volunteer patients, show how the active principles used for the creation of Dermogyn products lead to a significant improvement in the area of the body concerned, until the total disappearance of the problem.
Dermogyn has in its staff: Professionals, doctors and researchers, which have been engaged for years in the development of new products capable of giving a renewed well-being for women and abel to solve problems related to the natural aging of facial skin, neck , breast, as well as specific products for well-being of the female sexual sphere, this topic , still little explored by the rest of traditional cosmetics.

Dermogyn is on the market with its revitalizing gel, especially Moresense, an innovative product based on Visnadina, Coleus Barbatus and Panicum Miliaceum.
Dermogyn products have no equal on the market thanks to their original formula and their effectiveness and they are available since years in pharmacies around the world.

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