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Appreciated by thousands of people in the world

Dermogyn is an Italian company which,with its decades of experience can offer products designed for the women well-being ,it’ s currently used and appreciated by millions of people around the world. The effectiveness of the Dermogyn products has been tested by rigorous clinical testing of a sample of female volunteers.
The immediate appreciation for the company proposals made Dermogyn a point of reference both nationally and internationally, as evidenced by the widespread use of the products, which have no equal in the market and are available in every pharmacy.
Dermogyn creams and gels revitalizing, are successfully sold in many countries around the world such as Germany, Spain, Portugal, Scandinavia, USA, Canada, Mexico, Brazil and currently are going to appear in the Indian market.

About us

Operational Headquarters: Via Cattaneo 7
20900 Monza


Tel. +39 393 9030660
E-Mail: info@dermogyn.com
P.IVA 04832900965 – Camera di Commercio di Milano
REA MI-1775830 Corporation Stock i.v. 60.000 euro